Roo Who

Husband, dad, singer, songwriter, author, story teller,

whittler,blacksmith, poet, writer, producer, artist, collector of wheelbarrow,

widget and prop builder.

The name Haun means proud rooster.
The grand kids call me Roo.
I doodle on napkins, moleskines and best of all great watercolor paper.  So you see,  Roo doodles, thus Roodoodles.

Everything in nature seems to speak, sometimes there are those who crow the loudest.  Roosters appear in every land even in and out of Biblical history.  They grace storytelling and folklore, they wake the farm, become icons and logos. They are the characters and caricatures. My German name Haun does not mean Lionhearted or silversmith, it means roosters or fowl. Some say, proud rooster.

I don't paint lions or even do well at saying between the lines.  I have  stayed with the roosters.  Every now and then a shrimp pops out and I am working on some... wait for it... Cows... is on the drawing board... But I am waiting for them to come back home first.

Roodoodles are simple whimsical, witty, some times sane and thoughtful, most times wise and confident paintings.  Roosters brighten this life.

They remind us to wake up, stand up, listen up and hold up the truth.  Some one loves roosters, Someones mother loves roosters, Some where every family has a story.


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A few family facts:

Michael is married to Carol McKibben Haun

College name Crayola, she is the artist in the family that changed my narrow  world view. She is :

Friend, awesome wife,artist, chef,designer, decorator, lover of the unexpected adventures God brings her way, a bon vivant, gypsy traveler, awesome mother,YA YA to the grand kids.

We have three children and six grand children.

Michael runs a consulting/ marketing, media company, creative widget building company-

Michael blacksmiths, collect old cast iron to refurbish and cook, teaches young dads how to do "stuff" they need to know how to do.